Education Investment

Creates a permanent investment fund to finance student assistance needs for Oregonians pursuing higher education and job training while reducing student debt.


Oregon Education Association; American Federation of Teachers – Oregon; SEIU Local 503; Oregon AFSCME; Oregon Nurses Association; Democratic Party of Oregon; Portland and Lane Community College Boards of Education; Oregon PTA; Black Parent Initiative; Basic Rights Oregon

State Judges

Permits employment of state judges by National Guard (military service) and state public universities (teaching).


Democratic Party of Oregon, The Oregonian

Drivers Cards

As the federal government has failed to reform our immigration system, Measure 88 upholds the state law requiring undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses, pass written and driver tests and have auto insurance. Provides a common sense approach to road safety.


ACLU of Oregon, Oregon AFL-CIO; Oregon Business Association; SEIU Local 49 & 503; Causa Oregon; Oregon Nurses Association; Oregon Catholic Conference; Urban League of Portland; Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon; UFCW Local 555; Oregon Education Association; Planned Parenthood Advocates; Rural Organizing Project; Basic Rights Oregon; Main Street Alliance; APANO

Equal Rights Amendment

Places equal rights for women into the Oregon Constitution, establishing permanent protection against discrimination based on gender. Will expressly provide for equality in the Constitution where only case law now exists.


NAACP; Oregon League of Women Voters; American Association of University Women; Democratic Party of Oregon; Portland City Club; Urban League; Oregon Business Association; Oregon Education Association; Oregon Nurses Association; Latino Network; SEIU Local 503; Oregon AFSCME; YWCA

Top Two Primary

This measure was written by and is being funded by a few big corporations, lobbyists and millionaire CEOs because they want a system that elects even more politicians who support their narrow agenda at the expense of working people.


Oregon Education Association; American Federation of Teachers – Oregon; Oregon Nurses Association; Oregon State Fire Fighters Council; Oregon State Police Officers Association; Planned Parenthood Advocates; Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens; Working America; Democratic Party of Oregon; Oregon Republican Party; Pacific Green Party of Oregon; Oregon Progressive Party; Oregon Constitution Party; Libertarian National Committee; The Free and Equal Elections Foundation; SEIU Local 503; United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 555; Oregon AFL-CIO

Regulate, Legalize, Tax Marijuana

Treating marijuana as a crime results in over 13,000 arrests and citations a year in Oregon, costing millions and enriching drug cartels. Measure 91 provides strict regulation for adults 21 and over and protections for youth, with taxes going to schools, law enforcement and drug treatment.


The Oregonian; Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens; City Club of Portland; United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 555; American Civil Liberties Union; Democratic Party of Oregon; Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Label Genetically Engineered Food

Genetically engineered food should be labeled because we have the right to know what’s in the food we eat and feed our families. Food costs didn’t go up in the 64 countries that already require labeling. American companies are labeling their products for those countries, they should do the same for us.


Consumers Union (the policy arm of Consumer Reports Magazine), Oregon Nurses Association, Our Family Farms Coalition, United Farmworkers/PCUN, Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans, Oregon Public Interest Research Group, Oregon Consumers League, Oregon Public Health Association, Oregon Rural Action, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Ecumenical Ministries; Oregon League of Conservation Voters; Main Street Alliance