Stand up for Oregon Values this November

Our coalition works year-round to protect Oregon from extremist groups with dangerous agendas. Today, Oregon faces four dangerous statewide measures that threaten our democracy, immigrants, and healthcare. 

These are the most urgent issues on Oregon’s 2018 ballot:
Vote NO on Measure 103

Measure 103 would create a permanent tax loophole for industries associated with a misleading definition of “groceries.” It would exempt businesses like restaurants from taxes, yet the measure fails to protect items families rely on, like diapers, soap, and medicine. Measure 103 is completely unnecessary; there is no tax on groceries—and no one is proposing one.

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Vote NO on Measure 104

Measure 104 would needlessly expand Oregon’s supermajority requirement beyond just taxes. A supermajority is already required to raise taxes; this measure would only make it more difficult to cut wasteful loopholes and special interest tax breaks. Measure 104 would cause political gridlock in Salem, putting funding for healthcare, schools, and services in jeopardy.

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Vote NO on Measure 105

Anti-immigrant Measure 105 would repeal Oregon’s more than 30-year-old anti-racial profiling law. This measure opens the door to serious civil rights violations.

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Vote NO on Measure 106

Anti-choice Measure 106 restricts access to safe, legal abortion and makes essential reproductive health care less accessible for the most vulnerable Oregonians.

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Vote YES on Measure 102

Measure 102 is a sensible solution to help local communities create more affordable housing for families, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.

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