September 21st, 2012

Sign the Postcard for School Funding

Sign this electronic postcard to send a message to Salem.

Dear Legislators and Governor,

As concerned voters and future voters, we need you to know that our schools and critical services can’t afford any more painful budget cuts.

At a time when Oregon schools are in crisis, when we’re laying off teachers and closing schools, we are asking you to take the lead on restoring school funding for our K-12 schools and other basic services that families depend on.

For parents, teachers, students, seniors, and families across Oregon – enough is enough! Oregon has the third largest class sizes in the nation, one of the shortest school years, and there are fewer and fewer opportunities for kids. But at the same time, tax breaks and loopholes have grown by $3.4 billion.

We’re counting on you to put Oregon’s priorities first. Over the next year, you’ll be hearing a lot from us.

It’s time for our leaders to lead. It’s time we focus on what matters most!

Fill out my online form.

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