October 16th, 2012

Mannix Busted For Misrepresenting AARP’s Position on M84

The Oregonian is reporting that Kevin Mannix’s campaign was forced to pull down their misleading claim implying that AARP is supporting Measure 84. In fact, AARP Oregon is strongly opposed to Measure 84, and is running a radio ad this week talking about why it’s such a terrible idea.

“Attorneys for the 37-million-member association sent Common Sense for Oregon Inc. a “cease-and-desist” letter early today asking it to remove the article, which originally appeared in the October issue of its national magazine.

AARP state director Jerry Cohen said posting the article under the website banner “Yes on 84″ implied that AARP supports Measure 84, when it actually opposes it.”

Here was Mannix’s explanation: “We should have been a little more careful.”

But here’s the thing–it’s not exactly been a secret that AARP Oregon is a strong voice against Measure 84. They have a statement of opposition in the Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet, which has been online since September.

Here’s what they wrote:

“Measure 84 is a massive tax break that only benefits the richest two percent of estates, and not anyone else. But it would cost our senior care services, our schools, and other critical services hundreds of millions of dollars when they’re needed most.

At a time when basic services like in-home care and long-term care for seniors and people with disabilities are threatened, we cannot afford another tax break where two percent get the benefit and ninety-eight percent pick up the costs.”

So the question is, why was Mannix suggesting in his campaign materials that AARP supports his measure–when they’ve been on the record as opposed to it for months?

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