Yes, we CAN stand up to big money

Just last month we told you about Paul Jacob, Loren Parks’ new ally in bringing extremism to Oregon. A quick recap: Jacob is the founder of the radical right-wing (and Koch-backed) Citizens in Charge, and he’s spending big money to topple Oregon’s democracy. Last month, Citizens in Charge had contributed $125,000 to Parks’ initiatives. Since[…]

CHEAT SHEET: Attacks on democracy

This year, two major attacks on democracy are making their way to Oregon’s November ballot — and they’re getting more and more serious every day. Nevada millionaire and amateur sex hypnotherapist Loren Parks has rallied his extremist cronies to support these dangerous initiatives, and they’ve answered. Together, Parks’ initiatives have already amassed war chests totaling[…]

Attacks on democracy just got more serious

Loren Parks just gained a powerful ally in his bid to restrain democracy in Oregon. In the last month, IP 49, Parks’ initiative petition aimed at inhibiting the legislative process, raked in $150,000 in contributions from Citizens in Charge. And while it goes without saying that anyone involved with Loren Parks is… questionable, Citizens in[…]

Who’s behind this extreme agenda?

Nevada Millionaire Loren Parks is a wealthy man who makes no secret of his attempts to shape Oregon politics. An amateur “sex hypnotherapist” who claims he can cure cancer with water, sea salt and baking soda, Parks is also the top individual political donor in Oregon’s history. He’s spent millions of dollars on some of[…]