Defend Oregon’s Immigrant Communities

Put on the November ballot by extreme right-wing groups, Measure 105 would repeal Oregon’s more than 30-year-old anti-racial profiling law. It is a direct attack on Oregon’s safety and values.

IT’S NOT SAFE: When police play the role of federal immigration agents, then many immigrants will be too afraid to report crime, seek help if they have been victimized, and provide information to police that can help solve cases. That’s why police and law enforcement leaders across the state say vote NO on 105.

IT’S NOT JUST: The Trump Administration in Washington, DC has deported thousands of law-abiding immigrants from their communities, separated children from their parents, and introduced racial and religious profiling to immigration law. Measure 105 is an attempt to make our local police another arm of the Trump deportation force.

IT’S NOT OREGON: Here, we believe in fairness and looking out for our neighbors, but Measure 105 would open the door to widespread racial profiling and civil rights violations — and divide immigrant and non-immigrant Oregonians.