Years of recession-related cuts and decades of disinvestment have taken their toll on Oregon’s schools. Instead of making public education a priority, our state has some of the largest classes, shortest school years, and lowest graduation rates in the country.

Oregon’s 2018 ballot features an unnecessary measure that threatens funding for public schools: Measure 104. This constitutional amendment would needlessly expand the three-fifths supermajority requirement beyond raising taxes. This would increase political gridlock, putting funding for schools, healthcare, and essential services in jeopardy.

If Measure 104 had been in place earlier this year, Oregon could have faced $1 billion in cuts to services like public schools. We can’t afford such a risky constitutional amendment.

Measure 104 is funded by Priority Oregon, the dark-money far right business group that is spending millions to rollback school and healthcare funding, and the Oregon Association of Realtors, who want to protect tax breaks for millionaires. 

No on 104

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