Defend Oregon’s Democracy

In Oregon, we know that we need to be careful when voting to amend our Constitution and we should only do so when there is an urgent or major problem. But Measures 103 and 104 would create new problems, and because they would be in our Constitution they would be nearly impossible to fix.

UNNECESSARY, MISLEADING & RISKY: Measure 103 would add a risky, misleading, and permanent tax loophole for specific businesses into our state constitution. It’s completely unnecessary — there is no tax on groceries and no one is proposing one. This amendment is so poorly written and so misleading that it actually fails to protect the items families rely on, like diapers, soap, and medicine. Visit to learn more.

SAY NO TO GRIDLOCK AND WASTE: Measure 104 would needlessly expand Oregon’s supermajority requirement beyond just raising taxes, making it even more difficult to eliminate wasteful loopholes and rein in run-away tax breaks. Measure 104 would lead to gridlock in Salem, putting funding for healthcare, schools, and services in jeopardy. Visit to learn more.