Defend Oregon Workers

Because Oregon has won victories like universal paid sick days and a minimum wage increase, corporate interests and out-of-state millionaires are striking back against Oregon workers with initiatives designed to limit workers’ ability to advocate for safe working conditions, fair pay and better workplace policies. These attacks are largely coming from wealthy out-of-state interests — like Loren Parks, the single largest donor in Oregon political history — and are attempts to keep profits high while undermining the middle class.

IP 33, ATTACKS OREGON WORKERS: Because Oregonians continue to reject anti-worker ballot measures, out-of-state special interests are now pushing a sneak attack on Oregon workers. This initiative would force unions to divert additional time and resources towards publishing the same information they’re already legally required to publicly disclose. This measure is nothing more than an attempt to covertly undermine the workers’ rights that Oregonians’ have fought for.

IP 36, UNDERCUTS SCHOOLS AND SERVICES: This initiative pits the teachers, firefighters, nurses, and other public employees on Oregon’s front lines against our schools and services, forcing voters into a false choice between supporting our state’s workers or our safety net.