Strong voter protections are the foundation of our democracy — but ever since Secretary of State Dennis Richardson took office earlier this year, he’s attempted to systematically roll back our hard-won voter rights.

This summer, Richardson proposed a rule that would have stripped all non-partisan information from ballot measure sheets, making it almost impossible for voters to know what they’re signing — and making it easier for petitions circulators to mislead (or outright lie to) potential signers.

Now, he’s taking it a step further: He wants to remove circulators from the signature collection process altogether — arming anyone with a pen with the ability to undermine the integrity of our elections. Circulators are the safeguard against fraud in initiative petitions, they have to observe that every person signing a petition sheet is a registered voter, and then swear they saw it happen. If it’s up to Richardson and his racist and anti-choice allies like Oregon Life United, they’ll take us back to the Bill Sizemore era of fraud and lies in our initiative petition system.

We’ve stood up to Richardson’s anti-democracy agenda before: Now it’s time to do it again. Submit your comment to protect Oregon’s democratic initiative process!