Oregon is leading the way when it comes to passing progressive policies: We’ve increased the minimum wage, improved access to comprehensive reproductive care, and extended health insurance to all children. But these victories and values are under attack.

Oppressive organizations, extremist groups, and out-of-state interests want to roll back the progress we’ve made. They’re energized by the Trump actions in DC, so they now want to bring Donald Trump’s regressive agenda to Oregon: Limiting reproductive care, kicking families off their health insurance, and stoking fear in our communities.

These extremists are coming after Oregon with a slew of destructive measures in 2018. They’re pouring millions of dollars into attacks on Oregon workers, immigrant communities, women, and Oregon families.

If we want to make sure Oregon continues to be a leader when it comes to progressive policies, we can’t let these oppressive groups have their way. We need to say NO to their extremist agenda — and we need to make sure our friends, family, and co-workers know about it, too.