Month: September 2018

We’re standing up to political bullying

Over the past two weeks, we have heard reports across Oregon about retail stores requiring clerks and customer service employees to hand out pro-Measure 103 magnets and fliers. Just today, the Salem Reporter broke the story.

“[Oregon grocers] cannot require employees to personally deliver [103 campaign magnets and flyers] to customers.” — Margaret Olney, Attorney

This political bullying is not just wrong, it’s illegal. In Oregon, employers like grocery stores cannot require their employees to engage in political communications on their behalf while on the job or else face discipline. The special interests behind Measure 103 have gone too far, apparently requiring employees to hand out the flyers. It’s a clear attempt to scare customers with misleading information.

The truth is that there is no tax on groceries, and nobody is proposing one. Measure 103 is a brazen attempt to permanently carve out loopholes for slaughterhouses, trucking companies, and fast food chains, while doing absolutely nothing to make groceries more affordable.

We’re standing up to this latest attack from the special interests bankrolling Measure 103 to say no to political bullying. If you agree that Oregon workers, customers, and families deserve better than misleading campaigning in the checkout aisle, make your voice heard today!

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