Month: November 2018

A Historic Midterm

This week, we secured unprecedented victories: Re-electing a Governor who will fight against the Trump agenda, defeating attacks on choice and immigrant communities, rejecting a pair of deceptive special-interest carveouts, expanding affordable housing options, and winning supermajorities in both the Oregon House and Oregon Senate.

To say it was a historic election is an understatement. It was truly a defining moment for the progressive community in Oregon, and one to be proud of. How did we accomplish so much? By working as one unified team and by doing what we do best: Knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors, making phone calls, and meeting voters where they are in every corner of the state on the issues they care most about. Just take a look at the record-breaking numbers below. 

We did that work as part of a game-changing coalition of advocates and community groups and homegrown businesses and elected leaders that is as broad and diverse as it is committed to protecting and affirming Oregon values. And together — and only together — we launched a movement that will continue to fight every single day for an Oregon that works for every single family.

Oregon voters are with us. With record-high turnout for a midterm election, Oregonians gave a clear mandate: We will not stand for candidates or ballot measures that condone hate, or attacks on healthcare, or special interest carveouts. We want an Oregon that provides hope and opportunity, no matter your income, your race or gender identity, or where you live.

Our work is just beginning. But for now, thank you for all you have done to make Oregon a stronger, safer, and more united place.

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